About the Author

I'm Gabriel Getzie, an electrical engineer by day and python programmer / website designer by night in Washington, DC. For the past several years (since 2008! Can you believe that? I hardly can) I designed and maintained GreaterDebater.com (now defunct). And now I'm writing this blog.

What is this thing about anyway?

I mean this blog, not life in general, but maybe I'll get to that too. I read somewhere once that all the successful blogs have a niche. "You've got to stick to one topic and be the expert on it", they say "So your audience knows what to expect". This has always been a sticking point with me, although I see it borne out in successful blogs by people who don't already have a following. Regardless, I don't intend to stick to one thing. There's a lot of things I'm interested in. As a result some posts will probably not be interest to people who were interested in other posts. Ah, well. Such is life. Here's a short, non-comprehensive list of things I may or may not write about:

So, if any of those things are interest to you stick around! You'll be sure to find something you like sooner or later.

I can be reached at gabe@kotsf.com